Bigg Boss: 8 Karishma asks Sonali to date Upen!

Karishma asks Sonali to date Upen

Here I am once again with some really fresh gossip from the house! For a change, I noticed Karishma doing-up Sonali’s hair, seemingly Sonali has now become more cautious about her looks for obvious reasons ( grins). She has been trying to look different everyday and Karishma is being a helping hand just like an elder sister!!!

It so happened that while getting ready, Sonali kept asking Upen how was she looking. And Upen being Upen, couldn’t stop praising her. And I think it made Sonali look even more radiant! I could see the unimaginable happiness on his face. So while Upen was not around, Sonali asked Karishma how does she find Upen? Karishma responded saying he looks hot but since they both are friends since long, she didn’t pay much attention to his ‘hotness quotient’ in him.Karishma also counter questioned Sonali as to why doesn’t she start dating Upen? Sonali quite clandestinely diverted the topic.

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Now coming back to the lovey dovey couple, Sonali is becoming very particular about how the two look together as well. She doesn’t hesitate asking Upen to wear something that compliments her dress. Now isn’t that being a little dominating? Well, how does it matter if Mr.Patel is fine with that!

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