Bigg Boss 8: Is Upen Patel the new attention seeker in the house?

Bigg Boss 8: Is Upen Patel the new attention seeker in the house?

Upen Patel all this while was obscure in the house. Suddenly, after Soni Singh left the house, Upen is trying to get into every matter just trying to strike up a conversation which is ending in a fight.

First, he was trying to get up, close and personal with Sonali which is heading nowhere. Second, he fought with Ali as he had commented something on Upen and Soni.
Upen without any reason is bringing up topics and trying to make his presence felt, just like what happened today during the Phone-Booth task. He was asked by Sushant to shave off his hair, which Upen declined politely. Soon all the boys were summoned by Bigg Boss on behalf of Sushant and Sushant asked if anyone is willing to shave off his hair. Gautam, who is not in good terms with Sushant, makes a comment, “His best friends will do it for him”. All the boys decline.

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Now, out of nowhere Upen started to fight with Gautam on this comment as well. He gets angry on Gautam saying he made a double-meaning sentence. Do you as a viewer felt it to be a double-meaning sentence? Do you think Upen is unnecessarily stretching things?

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