‘Bigg Boss 8’: Is the Gautam Gulati-Sonali Raut Romance Real?

'Bigg Boss 8': Is the Gautam Gulati, Sonali Raut Romance Real

For the past few days, the “Bigg Boss 8” house has witnessed a half-boiled, almost-there romance between Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut.

The couple easily reminds one of an era when people in love used their expressions to confess love for each other. While Gulati employs gentle gestures to draw the lady closer, Raut uses cryptic codes to say that she wants to be with him.

Meanwhile, Ali Quli Mirza does a well-wisher act and says Raut shouldn’t be sneaking into Gulati’s bed. Since her parents would also be watching the show, it’s only fair if she kept her behavior on the subtle side.

On the other hand, Pritam Singh, Praneet Bhatt and Puneet Issar are using all their might to bring the two closer to each other. Gulati, however, shocked everyone when he said that it isn’t a big deal if she gets too attached to him. Looks like a Yash Raj Films love saga already.

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The viewers, who watch the high-voltage reality show for some fodder for gossip, are confused whether they genuinely hold a liking for one another or just faking it for the TRPs. From “Draamebaaz” and “fakers” to “adorable couple”, some of the comments on “Bigg Boss 8” official Twitter page only leaves one unsure of what their equation really is.

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