Bigg Boss 8: Is the brother-sister relationship of Upen Patel and Soni Singh going over the top?


Here is an exclusive scoop about Bigg Boss 8 : As you will already know, Bigg Boss 8 contestants Upen Patel and Soni Singh share an overly loving, brother-sister link. The two are always seen getting cozy together, be it sitting on the couch or out in the backyard. In fact, the two sometimes even sleep together in the same bed.
Recently, during the day while sitting and talking in the backyard, Upen taunts Soni that she is a “handsome girl”. Soni gets offended but let it go as Upen is her brother.

She then questions Upen that if he wants to see her sexy and girly walk and show him that she is not a handsome girl but a sensual beauty.

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Upen agrees and Soni then gets up and starts walking sensually, and seductively while Upen watches her sincerely and starts laughing. Soni then tells him not to laugh and that she is as much a girl as anyone else.
Ummm. Looks like this brother-sister link is going a small over the top

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