Bigg Boss 8: Is Soni’s calling Gautam a ‘chugalkhor aurat’ justified?

Upen and Soni

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Day 19 at Bigg Boss house is full of tasks and a fight between Gautam and Soni. Gautam accuses Soni that she was waiting for water while Gautam was boiling water for their task and thus making them late for their task. Soni tells that he is lying and shouts at him while Gautam seems to take it lightly, sings Bollywood songs and dances and doesn’t reciprocate.
Soni gets angry and calls Gautam a “‘chugalkhor aurat’ hiding inside a man’s body,” in front of Sushant. Later after the task in which Puneet wins, Soni gathers all the members in the house leaving Puneet and Gautam and explains to them that she was only cleaning in the kitchen and not delaying Gautam’s task. While Deepshika tells that it’s his nature, Preetam tells that the cameras are there to record everything and she doesn’t have to worry. Soni says that she knows that and only wants the other members to know that Gautam was falsely accusing her and also tells the others not to believe whatever Gautam says.
Their time for buying the grocery is reduced to 5 mins to compensate for the broken big boss rules. Their task is pictography in which Sushant is chosen to draw the pictures of the food items. Later Gautam complains to Puneet that he is much better in pictography as he used to play it a lot in his childhood but no one asked him.
At night it turns out that only Praneet, Puneet and Minissha supports Gautam. Minissha asks Gautam to stay as he is. Are the members playing a fair game by ruling Gautam out and criticizing him in every episode?

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