Bigg Boss 8: Is Sonali Raut the new TRP winner?

Bigg Boss 8: Is Sonali Raut the new TRP winner?

The news of Sonali Raut slapping Ali Quli Mirza inside the Bigg Boss house spread like wildfire across social media network, and suddenly she is branded the new queen of all things women’s liberation.But given the kind of controversial show Bigg Boss is, one thing many others are asking is this: Could it be yet another publicity stunt to get the TRPs soaring?

Whatever that may be, the fact is that since the slap episode, Sonali’s on a permanent notice for eviction as punishment. Little wonder then that she is also not in a mood to relent and has been defying the house rules: For one, she was found pretending to sleep despite constant sirens for wake call on Friday’s episode.

Ali, on the other hand, is the new isolated member of the house. He was seen talking to himself and saying, “Ab mai sabko bahar nikaal ke jaunga, jeet ke hi jaunga.”

For a TV show that harps on controversies and gossips, isn’t this the perfect plot? The show is in its eighth season and has been more of a dampener except for a few stray fights that got the channel the much-needed TRPs. Even Salman Khan’s antics aren’t really working this time around: Maybe because they decided to skip the chat with evicted contestant every weekend.

On the face of it, it’s simply a case of a girl slapping a guy, who is anyways notorious for being among the most violent men in the house, to protect her image. Look closely and you’d get this stinking feeling that it could all be staged. Triggering all those debates on whether Sonali was right in slapping the man who was talking “rubbish” about her, and by posting short, selective clips of the episode on the social media only reeks of a larger game plan.

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Do you think there is nothing more to Sonali’s slap than a cheap attempt to get the TRPs soaring? Let us know what you think of it.

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