Bigg Boss 8: Is Puneet Issar double-dholki?

Bigg Boss 8: Is Puneet Issar double-dholki?

Now that it’s been over two weeks inside the house, the contestants of Bigg Boss season 8 have started to reveal their true faces. Yes, the all too friendly and good image of the inmates have started to shed one by one. The first team task of this season ‘Hijack’ brought out all the hidden grudges the inmates had for each other.

The task was also one of the reasons that led to the situation of unrest inside the controversial house for the first time, since the show started. Moreover, the entry of the secret society members (who were noticing every move of the rest 12 inmates) had resulted into some turmoil, since they were well aware of who was saying what and about whom. However, they didn’t openly discuss any of it, but they had already come inside the house with a stereotype image for every inmate.

Puneet Issar, one of the senior most contestants of the season, was moved out of the secret society earlier last week. Since then he was getting into the comfort zone with other members by extending a fatherly advice to every inmate and calling everyone as ‘Beta’ and ‘Beti’. His was trying to don a so called Babuji-image from the beginning and makes all possible efforts to stay aloof from all the gossips. Looks like, Puneet is planning some strategy to play safe game by gaining everyone’s trust and confidence with his fatherly image to ensure no one nominates him.

Post nomination on Friday, Sonali Raut re-entered the house and this time as a much assessed contestant (after having watched all the episodes post her elimination). Sonali was also given a task to rate all the inmates on the basis on their ‘neeyat’ and much to everyone’s surprise Puneet Issar was last on the row. To support her stance the Xpose star said, that Puneet was coming out as a two-faced man as he took stances for both Karishma and his teammates during the Hijack task.

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Well, Sonali’s justification turns out to be true as Puneet’s behaviour actually seems too good to be true. The Duryodhan of Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharat indeed has a shady character which he doesn’t want to be brought for some reason. Is he playing safe to avoid nominations and ensure long stay inside the house? Well this can only be revealed with time.

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