Bigg Boss 8: Is Praneet Bhatt getting aggressive?

Is Praneet Bhatt getting aggressive

He is known for his cool as a cucumber head. He is always composed and doesn’t really get riled up at the slightest provocations. Praneet Bhatt, the Shakuni mama of Mahabharta-turned-the cool-dude of Bigg Boss 8, is seen unleashing his fury. We were surprised to see Praneet letting some steam out and even indulging in a verbal spat with Diandra and Minissha Lamba. Is his anger justified?

While it was amply clear from the last episode that Diandra Soares was not completing the task in the spirit of the game. The way she behaved with Sonali Raaut was not only rude but totally uncalled for. She could have hurt Sonali very badly with her rash mannerism and with her….err woman power! Naturally Sonali started crying the moment she realised that the incident could have sustained serious injuries to her and that in turn could have possibly marred her career.

It was Praneet who decided to take a stand on the issue. He was ably and efficiently supported by the other men-Pritam, Puneet Issar and Gautam Gulati. What happened in the name of women power in the house was not only unacceptable but downright despicable. Diandra certainly toed the line and came across very nasty both with her words as well as with her action. After analysing the whole ugly episode Praneet started raising his voice and lost his cool immediately.

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We certainly are not used to see the good boy of the house Praneet doing what he did last night. But do you think the man’s fury was justified given how ugly have things turned into the glass-walled house?

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