Bigg Boss 8: Is Karishma Tanna’s poor general knowledge really something to be laughed at?

Bigg Boss 8: Is Karishma Tanna's poor general knowledge really something to be laughed at

Famous American writer Susan Sontag once said – I like to feel dumb. That’s how I know there’s more in the world than me. Jargons like blonde and bimbette might offend any feminist, but there are people who don’t really care about what the world thinks about their IQ because they are amazing at whatever they do and have shown their worth in their respective fields. So why is it that a girl (especially a celebrity) with poor IQ, becomes a laughing stock?

Salman Khan almost embarrassed Karishma Tanna in yesterday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ by laughing at her poor general knowledge. Tanna, on her part, laughed along with the other contestants and looked quite discomfited. Host Salman Khan entered inside the house, looked at Karishma and said, “Bahar sirf do cheezon ki baat ho rahi hai- Ek Aamir ki PK aur ek aapka GK.”

He then asked her some basic questions which she failed to answer. While we do agree that some of the questions were such that even en elementary school kid would easily answer that. But does it make any difference? Had the same question be put to an IAS aspirant or a journalist, it would have been a matter of shame if the person would have been unable to answer it.

But asking something of this sort to an actress or model, you really can’t expect the same. It is certainly none of Karishma Tanna’s concern. Her world is not going to change by brushing up her GK. She will still be paid the same amount which she is paid now for doing daily soaps and brand endorsements. And to top it all, this girl is earning much more than any other knowledgeable with high IQ level person in India is doing.

Why do we forget the fact that not all human brains have the same IQ level and it’s not always about your intelligence. The most creative person in the world can be the dumbest of all if that is what it matters. Mocking a person because of his/her poor general knowledge doesn’t sound fair to us.

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So the question lies that is it really important for Karishma Tanna to brush up her general knowledge? She is good at what she is doing and in her profession there is no criteria to have a sound knowledge about the world. She’s certainly not going to take any UPSC exam or participate in a quiz contest. So why is there a fuss about it?

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