Bigg Boss 8: Is it fair for Bigg Boss to nominate Sonali Raut for slapping Ali Quli Mirza?

Is it fair for Bigg Boss to nominate Sonali Raut for slapping Ali Quli Mirza?

Bigg Boss finally announced the final decision in Sonali and Ali Quli slap gate issue. Read on to find out what was the verdict! So after a lot of tamashaa, Ali Quli Mirza will be back in the house in tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss 8, after which Bigg Boss will announce the final decision in Ali and Sonali Raut’s slap gate issue.

Sonali has broken one of the major rules by slapping Ali. While we expected Sonali to be disqualified on the grounds of physical, but surprisingly she is not shown the exit door. Instead she is nominated till the end of this season.

For those of you who don’t know, the fight between Ali and Sonali actually started with a major war of words between Ali Quli and Puneet Issar. The two literally got into a brawl infuriating the situation further. To an extent that both of them threatened each other to disclose many secrets.

Just at that very moment, Puneet gathered all the housemates in the bedroom and asked Ali to repeat the comment he made about Sonali when Lisa Haydon entered the house. The remark was apparently so disgraceful and lewd that Sonali was shocked to hear what was being talked behind her back and she left no moment in going upto Ali and placing a tight slap right on his face. Post this, Ali staged a walk out from the house by climbing the roof.

However just then Bigg Boss stopped him and called him inside the confession room. Ali looked traumatised as the entire house stood against him, he complained of severe pain on the head. He in fact even lied down shivering on the floor of confession room, when a doctor was called and Ali was shifted from there only to make a re-entry in tomorrow’s episode.

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All said and done, do you think it was fair on Bigg Boss to nominate Sonali or should they have shown the exit door.

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