Bigg Boss 8: Is Gautam Gulati’s freedom restricted in house?

Bigg Boss 8 Is Gautam Gulati's freedom restricted in house

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Hrithik Roshan might try to reconcile the sourness between Gautam and Karishma by making them dance on a romantic song, but housemates seem to be picking on him for everything.
When Deepshika was ‘truth’ questioned by Hrithik on who does she think to be the attention seeker, she takes Gautam’s name. Again Gautam was targeted for consuming milk from the limited ration of the house. Deepshika, Sushant and Upen discuss about Gautam using milk which is from the stipulated ration and Upen goes and tells this to Gautam.
Gautam seems to be in a composed state and tells them that when they were having tea, he wasn’t asked and he is drinking his share and nobody should have a problem with that. Deepshika then points out that she only meant to say that he should have said this to Puneet as he is incharge of the ration. When Gautam says that he had already informed Puneet about taking milk, Sushant talks in between about informing Gautam about tea break. And a small tiff takes place.
In the restroom, we see Gautam speaking to himself to control his anger and concentrate on the game.
Is Gautam unnecessarily pricked by the housemates for some or the other reason? Are they trying to test Gautam’s patience? Let us know in comments below.

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