Bigg Boss 8: Inmates who instigate fights

Bigg Boss 8: Inmates who instigate fights

Pritam’s past revealed: Relationships in the Bigg Boss 8 house change with each passing day. Ever since Pritam became the captain of the house, he was seen getting into fights with most of the contestants. And his recent fight with good friend Gautam Gulati seems to be the end of the P3G group.

However, Pritam’s recent confession on national television has left everyone shocked. Post Puneet, Pritam, and Gautam’s fight during an argument, Pritam will tell Gautam not to mess with him as he has come from a very bad background. He also tells him that it took a lot of time for him to get out of that life style.

Pritam gets emotional and angry and tells Puneet that he has come here to become an artist and was earlier running a beer bar. Puneet asks him not to tell all this as there are cameras all around.

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But Gautam pays no heed to him and keeps telling him not to talk in such a manner as it shows his background. Pritam gets angry, but stops himself from saying anything, obeying Puneet. Looks like the relationship between Gautam and Pritam is getting worse.

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