Bigg Boss 8 inmates fail to create controversy, get SPANKED

Aarya Babar and Karishma Tanna in Bigg Boss 8

The heads of the TV channel airing Big Boss 8 were furious when they learnt that an entire day in Bigg Boss house went peacefully. The fury resulted in a show cause notice that was slapped on all the inmates in the house, including the secret society.

We got a copy of the notice from our sources who wish but don’t deserve to be named. Here are the excerpts:

Dear contestants,

It is observed/noticed that your performance in the recent past is very poor and not up to the mark. You were brought in the house to create havoc not harmony. You all were expected to take the Bigg Boss legacy of abuses, fights, controversy, backbiting, and politics, forward. In fact we expected you to carve your own place in Bigg Boss history by hurling abuses that have never been heard of and picking up fights every minute. However, you all have failed to perform your duties properly and have also misled the viewers who watch the show to see you fight like cats and dogs.

Also, we are bitterly disappointed with the secret society which is present in the house. Despite seeing everyone gelling so well and things moving on peacefully in the house, they didn’t try to create any misunderstanding or conduct a task which can cause one.

You are thereby summoned to submit your written explanation and justify as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against you all. Failing to do so will result in some serious spanking on national television.

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If reports are to believed, all the inmates are in shock after receiving the show cause notice. After a long discussion among the inmates, it was decided that from now onwards Bigg Boss house will see at least three baseless arguments, five pre-planned fights and as many as 50 abuses everyday. To make the producers and the viewers happier, Upen Patel will flirt with each and every lady in the house. Arya Babbar has decided to take the initiative to pick fights out of nothing whereas Praneet Bhatt, who played Shakuni in Mahabharat, will take up the role of a Narad Muni and will start creating misunderstandings between the inmates with one eye closed. The secret society will personally supervise all the fights and will offer their valuable inputs for turning a discussion into an argument.

Author: Bigg Boss

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