Bigg Boss 8: I’d love to have Diandra as my bhabhi says Soni Singh

Bigg Boss 8: I’d love to have Diandra as my bhabhi says Soni Singh

She’s the latest housemate to come out of Colors’ reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, which is hosted by Salman Khan. And by her own admission, Soni Singh is ‘really sad’ that she is away from all the friends that she made inside the house. She got up, close and personal in a heart-to-heart with us…

Early on in the show, Soni had a few spats with some of the housemates. But her punga with Diandra Soares was really noticed by the tele buffs. Ask her what is her opinion about the ex model now, and Soni gushes, “Oh, Diandra is a lovely girl. She is very mature and handles a situation or a task in a very intelligent manner. Yes, she was rather irritable at times. But so were all of us girls – ahead of those specific days in the month.

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I understand what made Diandra so chidchida. But, I’m really impressed with the fact that she created an amazing look for herself, using hair colour and simple pieces of clothes, even though her clothes and suitcase were not sent by Bigg Boss. I told her that my brother D Nirman, who is into film direction, would really like her. And I’d really love to have Diandra as my bhabhi someday. When I came out of the celebrity house, my brother told me that Diandra was his favourite contestant. I really admire that gal!”

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