Bigg Boss 8: How did Upen get hurt?

How did Upen get hurt

Nahiiiiiiiiiiii yeh dekhne se pehle Ms Khabri ki aankhein kyu nahi fut gayi!!! My Youpen, oops I mean Upen got hurt while doing the task! Booohoooo

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He was protecting the flag pole and not letting the villains get their hands on it. He was embracing it tightly (Wish I was a flag pole ufff *Dreamy eyes*) and Praneet and Gautam were trying to snatch it from him. Trying to protect it he kept on pulling it and while pulling it the pole hit his mouth and he also fell down in the pool with the pole. Post which Soni and Karishma quickly ran towards him (Shaayyy wish I was there) to know if he was ok. Ms Khabri thinks he blacked out a little as he got hurt but soon he recovered and came out of the pool. I am sure it must have been painful for this UK hottie.

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