Bigg Boss 8: Housemates take a chill pill after all the drama!

Housemates take a chill pill after all the drama

The housemates have had enough for the day post the Puneet-Ali-Sonali incident. When they all got done with criticizing Ali for his conduct they thought of making the atmosphere lighter. As our very own Panditji loves to sleep, rest of the housemates, being familiar with his habit thought of playing a prank on him. This time as the others had their tittle-tattle on, Praneet slept in one of the corner of the garden. Since, they had nothing to do, they thought they would make this little interesting. Karishma started off by applying her pink nailpolish on both his hands. I was literally surprised that Pandit Ji didn’t even make a slight movement.

This made them laugh their lungs out. After the mission was accomplished KT and all the others started singing aloud to wake Praneet up from his beauty sleep. As he could hear Kukdookoo in the background. He giggled on himself after looking at his nicely painted nails as the housemates made fun of him.

Pritam on the other hand wore Diandra’s white colored wig and enacted as Sanju baba. Later I saw Praneet even dance on “Tamma Tamma loge.” But the funniest was when Pritam discussed about his ex girlfriend and narrated how she hogged wafers, which went on to become the reason for their break-up. Karishma couldn’t control and cried out laughing uncontrollably.

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