Bigg Boss 8: Housemates have Chai pe charcha!

Bigg Boss 8: Housemates have Chai pe charcha

Nobody is less than Tees maar khan in the house! Panditji was seen doing a bit of panditgiri as he calculated that no winner in the Big Boss history has ever been a captain. Omg! Panditji I am so impressed with this! Really? And guess who all were talking at that point in time? Praneet, Sonali, Pritam and Dimpy, who have never been a captain until now. Oh! So Praneet I don’t think I need more hint on what you want to say! (Winks)

All of a sudden they went back to their childhood discussing how good they were with books and teachers. Sonali told everyone that she never went to college and Praneet had a big question mark and he innocently asked “Par college waalon ko kaise pata chalta tha ki tu unki student hai?”. Sonali casually replied she used to go to college for drive or so.

Gautam said he flunked once in school but as he grew up and joined college that too a well renowned one, he started excelling for all the hard work he had put! Then suddenly out of nowhere, Pritam asked Sonali did she have ‘Moral Science’ as a subject? To this all looked puzzled, after a little pause Pritam continued saying “That’s because you could score 100 on 100 only in that subject.” How could Dimpy stay behind in such chit chat session. She told everyone that she was always good at academics during her school and college days, in fact quite active in sports too.

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She said she was the only one with another girl in school, part of basket ball team. Woww!! Rarely you get to know how talented the housemates are when you hear their achievements.
Well, it was refreshing for me too as I involved myself in their chit-chat which was zaraa hatt ke for a change!

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