Bigg Boss 8: Housemates get the taste of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 8 Housemates get the taste of Bigg Boss

After a gut wrenching, thrilling captaincy task, all the housemates are once again gathered in the living area for their judgement day task, where captain Ali is asked to name seven contestants whom he wants to offer some good news given by Bigg Boss and one name who according to him should be punished. Ali selects Karishma, Diandra, Upen, Pritam, Gauam, Puneet, Aarya for the good news task and selects Praneet for the punishment.

Later in the night Bigg Boss introduces a very interesting OPPO task where all the seven contestants who were named by Ali are given a chance to make their wish come true and speak to their loved ones back home if they win. The OPPO task requires all the seven selected members to go inside the swimming pool which is now filled with OPPO boards with the word “Phone Call” written on one of them, amongst others that have the word spelt incorrectly. The first contestant who hunts for the board with the correct spelling, wins. Pritam is victor in this task and gets the opportunity to speak to his family.

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Alls well that ends well. Bigg Boss does have a soft side to himself and is seen giving the housemates a chance to make their wish come true. It is an eventful day, with laughter, giggles, anger and crazy joy. Stay tuned in to Bigg Boss season 8 and watch tonight’s episode which is an emotional balloon waiting to burst.

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