Bigg Boss 8: Holy Cow! Sonali and Diandra got nasty with each other


The high volatile glass house was full of explosions on the day 24, witnessing the first cat fight of the season!As the contestants continues the day 2 of their task ‘Superheroes VS Supervillains’, Karishma Tanna’s team (Superheroes) had to protect their hoist flag from being uproot. Where on one hand the Superheroes clenched onto the flag, the Super Villains tried their best to get their hands on the flag and hoist their own flag.

As the time went by the game started getting messy, to keep Sonali away from the strands, Upen suggested Diandra to come in between the flag and Sonali, as Upen assumed Sonali was scared of Diandra. However, when Sonali poured water on the Superheroes, Diandra pounced in the middle and violently reacted to Sonali.

Apparently, despite of numerous warnings by Bigg Boss the contestants continued to violate the rules of the BB house resulted in disqualification of the task. Post the task, Sonali burst out in tears saying she was hurt and wished to discontinue the show. The Supervillains raised the voice and demanded Diandra’s exit from the show, as she had violated one of the most important rule of the Bigg Boss house, i.e. getting physical.

Thought, the Super villains supported Sonali, none of the female contestants came up to Sonali and consoled her, seemingly Karishma who had created a huge hullabaloo for women’s rights issue when Gautam had used inappropriate words for her, appeared least bothered about another female being physically abused rather she complained about her make up getting washed out.

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Alas, all the drama ended, when Bigg Boss decided to punish Diandra by nominating her for the next vote out! Yet, what do you feel was the punishment good enough?

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