Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Upen Patel is possessive of Karishma Tanna, Ajaz Khan rubs Ali Quli Mirza the wrong way

Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Upen Patel is possessive of Karishma Tanna, Ajaz Khan rubs Ali Quli Mirza the wrong way

But weirdly his task is that he cannot talk to any of the inmates. But the curious cats in the house are eager to know what their image is outside the house. With his reactions about the inmates’ reputation outside the house, Ajaz has already sparked some discontent. He sure will make the rest of Bigg Boss 8 season juicier!

Ajaz Khan picks a fight with Ali Quli Mirza, already!

And the new entrant is only using sign language till now! Oh boy! He has hardly spent any time inside the Bigg Boss 8 house and Ajaz has already rubbed Ali the wrong way. Well, so much for all the show about entering the house with a “positive mood” and crap!

What’s cooking between Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna?

The two seem to have come quite close in the last few days, they are also each other’s confidantes. Ajaz points that out to the duo. But Karishma is seen telling Dimpy Ganguly that there is nothing going on between her and Upen and that from the very beginning she has been open about her boyfriend.

Upen is possessive of Karishma!

Patel reveals that Ms Tanna affects him a lot and that he feels possessive about her. Karishma chides her friend saying that he getting over-possessive and that she is only here to play a game! a little bit rude don’t you think?

Freeze or Release

The Bigg Boss inmates are given a task to freeze or release. Ajaz tries his best to distract the housemates and stop them from completing the task! He has left no stone unturned to make the task hell for Ali. He deliberately puts black color on him and frosting too to piss Ali off!

Puneet Issar in for a surprise

Puneet’s wife Deepali Issar enters the Bigg Boss house.The couple get emotional as they are meeting each other after 100 days! Issar breaks down and out of the freeze position as he gets too emotional. Well, that is understandable!

Punnet’s wife hugs Karishma

Is that an apology for the way Puneet has been behaving with Karishma whom he called his daughter at the beginning? We leave that to you to decide! Mrs Issar also tells Gautam Gulati that she is fond of him and that she knows that his relationship with Puneet will continue even after the show is over! Aww, so sweet!

Tourists galore

Some people from the outside enter the Bigg Boss 8 house and Ajaz is given the task to show them the Bigg Boss 8 house and introduce them to all the housemates. The actor lightens the mood with his introductions!

Diandra Sares to re-enter the house!

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Now that might come as a shocker and surprise to the inmates of Bigg Boss 8, especially Gautam. In tomorrow’s episode Dian will enter the house and greet Gauti with a rose and then take him aside to talk to him. What will this conversation be about? You’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s episode to find that out!

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