Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Karishma Tanna calls Puneet Issar ‘evilish!’

Karishma Tanna calls Puneet Issar ‘evilish!’

The inmates of the Bigg Boss house were seen returning to their daily routine after bidding farewell to Soni Singh, who got evicted last night. Tonight’s episode was the nominations special which saw the ritual of it all being followed by the housemates. So who voted against whom and for what? Read below:Tanna ka taana

The inmates had to cast a vote against each other and the ones up for elimination this week are Gautam Gulati, Puneet Issar, and Minissha Lamba. What caught our attention during the nominations was Karishma’s choice of words against Puneet, who said that she found him ‘evilish,’ further stating that he was the reason for all the mind games in the house. Well though the term was a tad bit too harsh, but it somehow seems apt nonetheless, right peeps?

Praneet Bhatt’s Shakuni Mama comes out

In a special power given to captain Ali Quli Mirza, who had to further nominate two house mates for elimination this week, he chose Sonali Raut and Praneet Bhatt, stating their laziness towards work as the reason. Praneet aka Shakuni Mama’s horns were out in no time, where he was seen furious with Ali for the “invalid” reason. We feel Praneet overdid it and could have taken it all in his stride! Calm the Shakuni down, eh Mr Bhatt?

Ali vs Sonali

We love how Sonali gave Ali an earful after he made a pass at her under the blanket, with him stating that it was done in good humour. Calling his move cheap, Sonali brought the house down and warned the captain to keep away or he would get a “chamaat” from her very soon. Though Ms Raut has given us many reasons to not sing praises in her favour, we have to give her full points for this one! What say?

National jhadu champion

It was great to see RJ Pritam going the humorous way and mocking Sonali for her sweeping skills! Calling her a “national jhadu waali,” Pritam very cleverly ragged Sonali for her sloppy ways of sweeping, comparing the same with Minissha’s in turn asking her to “learn something” from Sonali. Where there is wit, there is a way we say!

Gautam or Upen?

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Till now we have been seeing sparks flying between Gautam and Sonali, their antics being all the evidence needed to support the statement. Things however, seem to have taken a turn where something seems to be brewing between her and Upen. The two were seen getting cosy and sharing the same blanket, with Gautam in the other room stating that he didn’t require a girl to make it through the show. Is Mr Gulati being Mr J? Time will tell!

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