Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Karishma Tanna and Renee Dhyani get into a war of words, Upen Patel gets emotional!

Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Karishma Tanna and Renee Dhyani get into a war of words, Upen Patel gets emotional

This week in the Bigg Boss house saw drama unfold like never before. Where Sonali Raut slapped Ali Quli Mirza, the latter was seen attempting to escape the house. Like every incident has consequences in the Bigg Boss house, these had their too. Read on to know how host Salman Khan dealt with the issues at hand, followed by the rest of the highlights of tonight’s episode:

Ali and Sonali make up

Sonali’s slap had created headlines recently. the Xpose actress was seen slapping Ali, for having been a victim of a derogatory statement made him. The latter instead of apologizing, was seen creating a dramatic scene by attempting to cross the fence and breaking the rules of the Bigg Boss house. Well all the drama couldn’t obviously go unnoticed by Salman Khan! Along with firing the two for their inappropriate behavior, he also played the perfect parent of the two quarreling kids and asked them to apologize to each other and they happily obliged! But is all really fine between Ali and Sonali? Time will tell!

And the cat fights begin

As we all know, Karishma Tanna and Renee Dhyani have been having a cold war ever since their task incident. Renee was given an opportunity to dye her hair, which would have helped Karishma meet her mother in the house. The former however refused, which obviously made the haughty miss Tanna furious! The two were seen having a quarrel over the same topic, where Karishma stated that i twas unfair what Renee did, and the latter revealing that she has left behind her ill parents to come to the show so if she wanted, she could have thought about herself in the game as well! Do you agree with Renee’s point of view folks?

Upen Pate gets a special phone call

We had informed our viewers about Ali’s attempt to escape the Bigg Boss earlier. Little did we know that he was propelled to do so by none other than Upen Patel! Well while we got to see Upen’s sly side, we also witnessed his emotional one. The hunk broke down after receiving a pone call from his mother! Salman surprise Upen, making the phone call look like a part of the snap deal stint. Upen while speaking to his mom teared up a little and choked on his words. Well the same made us go áwww”indeed!

Ali bags a film

Ali Quli Mirza has already become a popular name with his popular or unpopular ways. Where Gautam Gulati’s fan following has been much talked about in the recent past, it looks like Ali is emerging to be the dark horse in the race. After having gone through a troubled time with the inmates, the lad’s spirits were lifted by Salman Khan, who informed him that he has been selected to feature in Kabir Khan’s film! Now he didn’t reveal which ventur it would be, Bajrangi Bhaijaan maybe? Let us wait for more details on the same!

Upen and Ali are safe

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The two inmates were declared safe by host Salman Khan. The contestant up for eliminations tomorrow are Renee Dhyami, Praneet Bhatt and Sonali Raut. well Kamaal R Khan has predicted that it would be Renee leaving the house next. Do you agree? Let us look forward to tomorrow!

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