Bigg Boss 8 Highlights: Karishma Tanna admits she’s selfish; Gautam Gulati confronts Diandra Soares

Bigg Boss 8 Highlights Karishma Tanna admits she’s selfish; Gautam Gulati confronts Diandra Soares

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 8 house has, as usual, been full of surprises. The elimination process, tonight, saw a twist. The housemates, today, weren’t supposed to eliminate a member but safeguard someone. Naturally, all housemates were taken aback- not something they had planned on doing. Later the contestants were asked to hand over rose/roses (depending on the number of safety votes they received) to housemates whom they think safeguarded them. Someone (read Sushant Divgikar) was bound to be hurt on not receiving a rose as Upen Patel, who received 3 votes, gave his last rose to Gautam Gulati and not him.

But the drama did not end here; Bigg Boss was adamant on creating more fights. As part of the Gharwaale janana chahte hai task, housemates were asked to put down a question for any co-contestant and Gautam, was made moderator. He was supposed to ask these questions and add more if required to get the desired answers. Fishy, isn’t it?

A lot happened over this Q-n-A session. To start with, Gautam, who loves to play filmi all the time, made Arya Babbar apologize to Minissha Lamba for having said anything against her on camera. Arya obliged willingly and Minissha, as much willingly, accepted the apology. Sweet!

Then Karishma Tanna was asked to elaborate on her selfish and self-centered attitude. Sportingly, Karishma replied that it was basic human instinct to think of oneself first. But it din’t go down well with Ms Abused-me-on-national-television Tanna when Puneet Issar pointed out the same thing. Probably because Puneet went on to declare that he had voted Karishma in the second elimination for the very same reason. Ouch! That definitely, would have hurt.

Given that Gautam was allowed to ask questions, he, obviously, wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to come out clean in the whole Diandra-Soares-not-talking issue. He confronted her about their last conversation making her confess that she (Diandra) had asked him to stay away from Upen (now a very close ally of Diandra) and Pritam. Gautam clarified that this was why HE and stopped talking to HER and not the other way around. Late, but nice come back Gautam! And of course, Ms Soares outright rubbished his claims.

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Gautam later confessed to Puneet that he asked half the questions on his own and not from the sheet given to him. We wonder which half were his… Wink! Wink!

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