Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Diandra Soares punished, Sonali Raut becomes a star

Bigg Boss 8 highlights Diandra Soares punished, Sonali Raut becomes a star

The reality show is becoming a yawn fest and the tug-of-war between the contestants is not the least bit entertaining.

Super Heroes vs Super Villains
The Super Heroes won the first leg of the luxury task by convincing people to join the team. Bigg Boss announced the second leg of the task and then the house turned into a fish market where each contestant was trying to speak louder than the other.

The Flag

So according to the task, Super Heroes has to save their flag and Super Villains had to uproot it and hoist their own flag in its place. As you can already imagine, everyone was crouched on the flag as the villains tried their best to uproot the task.

Karishma Tanna and Puneet Issar’s problem

From the start of the reality show, Karishma has been on an agenda to get the men in trouble. In any physical task – her first comment to the guys from the opposite team is to not touch her inappropriately – frankly we are sure none of them want to. But what is she trying to achieve by this. The guys afraid of a sexual harassment case stay away. Puneet participates the least in any given task, which is rather unfair. While he claims it’s ‘coz his involvement may not be appreciated by the opposite sex. Ahem… ahem… frankly, we don’t even know how to react to it.

Sonali vs Diandra

Sonali Raut came in with water to pour on people from the heroes team, but this did not go down too well with Diandra Soares. She instantly reacted with violence which upset the villains. Raised voices by Aarya didn’t help the matter either.


Sonali claimed that she wanted justice or she is ready to leave the show. The villains’ team decided to revolt with a hunger strike – so Gandhi like, no? Well luckily for them it worked and Bigg Boss called in Sonali to hear her side of the story.

Bigg Boss’ verdict

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At 5pm, after much deliberation, Bigg Boss decided to punish Diandra by nominating her to be eliminated. The evening ended with the entry of the new contestant Ali Quli Mirza – the first wild card entry who will also be made the captain of the house in the next episode.

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