Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Ali Quli Mirza left alone, Gautam Gulati gets special present from Diandra Soares

Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Ali Quli Mirza left alone, Gautam Gulati gets special present from Diandra Soares

The housemates made it through another day full of drama, action and romance. Every day, the Bigg Boss house witnesses a lot of emotions, friendships, fights, complains and much more. So why would today be any different. From boycotting Ali Quli Mirza to completing the captaincy task, a lot went on in the dreaded house. Here’s a sum-up for all you guys who missed it…

Ali re-enters the house

Ali Quli Mirza was kept in a separate room to monitor his health, which he claimed was highly disturbed. He joined the other housemates today but no one showed any concern, whatsoever, in Mirza’s health and he’s left to brood over his highly inappropriate comment. Everybody gives him a lot of grief. Things, however, do get a little better later on.

Sonali’s severe punishment

Sonali Raut broke the house rules by slapping Ali. And though, it was justified, Bigg Boss would not accept such behavior from anyone. As a punishment for her violence, Bigg Boss nominated Sonali for every coming week. Of course, she’s not happy with the decision but what can she do?

Captaincy task

As part of the task, pictures of all contestants who have never been the captain of the house are put up on a board and bottles of coloured water are placed in front of every picture. Every ex-captain will cross out one name from the list by emptying the bottle in front of the respective picture. Karishma Tanna was upset with Gautam for eliminting her from the race to the extent that she had tears in her eyes later. Ofcourse, after every bottle opened, a lot was gossiped and discussed over it. In the end, Renee wins the captaincy.

Someone got lucky

After flirting around with each other for a while, Diandra pulled Gautam by his hand all the way from the room to one of the washrooms and locked the door. Nothing could be seen, obviously, but we heard Gautam saying ‘Yeh kya kar rahi ho’ (What are you doing). When he walked out, Renee pointed out to him that he had lipstick marks on him, making it very obvious as to what would have happened in the batthroom.

The ball game

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In a fun task, Bigg Boss arranged for some footballs, not to be played the regular way. The girls had to select three men to participate in the task. The men had to kick as many balls across a small field towards the goal post as possible. The twist was that the fields were oily. Upen, Praneet and Gautam were chosen to play and Upen won having scored 12 goals.

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