Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba’s fight takes an ugly turn, Salman Khan intervenes!

Bigg Boss 8 highlights: Aarya Babbar and Minissha Lamba’s fight takes an ugly turn, Salman Khan intervenes!

Salman performs on his song
The show begins with Salman Khan grooving to the beats of Chori Chori Chupke Se from his film Lucky. He repeated his Jai Ho slogan of “Teen aadmion ki madad karna aur unse kehna teen aadmiyon ki madad karein (Help 3 people and tell them to help 3 others in return). Someone, needs to tell Salman that Jai Ho’s theory didn’t click with the masses so he can stop. Then he cracked a few jokes about the nominated contestants and their quirks for instance Deepshikha who thinks she is the captain in the house!

Salman takes us to the house

Salman began the interaction with the housemates. Deepshikha told him about her Karva Chauth fast. Salman didn’t pay heed to Deepshikha’s request of bringing her husband on the show for the occasion and moved to praising Sonali Raut (how rude!) We still wonder why Salman is giving so much importance to Sonali. He asked her who is the Dulha material in the house and she shyly pointed at Upen. Then Salman made them dance to Bang Bang and Upen cheekily tried putting his arms around her waist (we quite enjoyed that tiny moment). Then the contestants told Salman about the surprise Hrithik Roshan and he planned for him. It was basically Jr Roshan giving a boring speech on how generous Salman has been to him. Honestly, even Salman looked fairly bored by the long melodrama, and so were we.

Gautam Gulati draws Diandra Soares’ and Puneet Issar’s funny stick figures

We liked the mini-pictionary moment but it also seemed quite odd as it didn’t seem relevant at all. Nevertheless, the figures drawn by Gautam were funny!

Salman tries to clear the air between Minissha and Karishma Tanna

“Kisne ksiko gaali diya” and “kisne kisko gaali dete hue suna” are two things we will never be clear on in Bigg Boss. Salman tried to resolve the differences between Minissha and Karishma , Sushant was dragged into the thing but we aren’t quite sure if the issue was put to an end.

Salman calls Aarya Babbar inside the confession room for a special chat

Well we liked this part of the episode the most as Salman was seen giving Aarya the much needed pep talk on how he needs to stop being everybody’s “bhaiyya” or “protector” in the house and start acting his age, have fun and entertain the audience. He also brought about the episode with Minissha Lamba which escalated quite a bit once Aarya came out of the confession room.

Aarya sits on the Danger-aasan

Salman made Aarya sit on the hot-seat and asked him to narrate is side of the story about the whole incident with Minissha. That is when Aarya revealed about how Minissha was the one who called him and sent him texts before the show started and that they were in a relationship before. The “gade murde ukhaadna” didn’t go down too well with either Minissha or Salman. Lamba fel silent to maintain her dignity and Salman lauded that, But he bashed Aarya for his attitude. What was priceless to see in the entire scene were the expressions onthe other contestants faces who were either trying to hold back grins or were simply aghast at what they were hearing. Minissha was extremely hurt by everything that was revealed and took a moment off to cry in a corner (but the camera’s got to her, of course).

Aarya refuses to get off the Danger-aasan

After Puneet giving his two-bits on how Aarya should not have said anything about Minissha, Salman told Aarya to get off the Danger-aasan, But an infuriated Aarya refused to do so thus misbehaving with Khan. Then Salman gave Aarya some first-hand advice on how he needs to curb his anger. We guess that only irked Aarya some more but it was a change to see Salman not acting like his usual self and talk so seriously about his own issues.

Pritam and Aarya are saved from eliminations

Pritam Singh sits on the Danger-aasan next and is told by Salman that the voters have saved him and Aarya thus leaving Deepshikha, Sonali and Gautam in the danger zone.

Aarya chucks his microphone into the pool

The show ended with Aarya hurling profanities and giving the middle-finger to his co-contestants who tried to calm him down. He got so enraged that he even threw away his mic into the pool. Seems like this inmate is hell bend on being evicted from the house

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