‘Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol’: The last supper ahead of finale unites all!

'Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol': The last supper ahead of finale unites all

As the day has arrived for the ‘baap’ of all reality shows on television, ‘Bigg Boss’ to air its grand finale—the sense of nervousness could be seen in the eyes of the inmates as well. Last night’s episode saw evicted contestant Ajaz Khan making his re-entry inside the house, shocking all with his comeback.

However, Ajaz was sent inside the house only for a few hours so that he could settle his issues with Ali Quli Mirza. In an unexpected turn of events, both Ajaz and Ali hugged and patched up. After ‘ek number’ manus Ajaz left, ‘Bigg Boss’ stunned the final five contestants with a special dinner arranged in the garden area.

The husky baritone of ‘Bigg Boss’ called it the ‘The last supper’ of this season for the final five. During that special dinner, each contestant said ‘sorry’ for one last time to whosoever they hurt during the course of their respective journey in the show. On one side Ali apoligised to Karishma for talking about her personal life in public, while on the other hand Pritam too talked about how he never meant to hurt Karishma.

It was Gautam, who took this opportunity to let bygones be bygones and told Pritam to forget the past and welcome the future. The core P3G members once again hugged and patched up. A toast was raised for the success, triumph and a beautiful journey of each of these contestants in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

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Gautam, Pritam, Karishma, Ali and Dimpy are the final five, who are set to battle it out tonight for the winner’s trophy!

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