‘Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol’: Surprise exit for love struck Upen!

'Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol': Surprise exit for love struck Upen

The ‘baap’ of all reality shows—’Bigg Boss’ is now in its final week. This season saw many twists and turns, from unwanted fights to love overdose—the house has seen it all. One more surprise which shocked everyone was Upen Patel’s surprise exit from the house last night.

‘Bigg Boss’ arranged a special date for love struck ‘Upma’ (Upen and Karishma) in the activity area, where favourite ‘paani puri’ feast was ready for them. They even exchanged some gifts for each other, which they had ordered sometime back from ‘snapdeal’.

Karishma gave Upen a T-shirt which read ‘I love my girlfriend’, while he gave her a diamond ring. The sweet nothings exchanged between them, was cut short by ‘Bigg Boss’ voice, asking Upen to leave that very moment.

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Upen had re-entered the house as he felt somethings went unsaid and for that he was given the second chance. With ‘Upma’ now together no more inside the house, we would certainly like to see whether it continues outside as well.

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