‘Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol’: Secret eviction shocks inmates!

'Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol': Secret eviction shocks inmates

Each episode of reality show ‘Bigg Boss season 8 is giving its viewers all the ‘masala’ they want. Last night’s saw Gautam Gulati in a weak moment, when Ali Quli Mirza tried to get him out from the torture task, so that Pritam Singh from his team wins it.

Ali’s jibe on Gauti took an ugly turn, when the former used derogatory words against Gautam, just to make him lose his focus on the task. However, Ali spoke in fornt of the camera, making it clear that whatever he is speaking is all baseless and false, so that Gautam loses and his team wins the task.

But, Gautam at the end lost his patience, and decided to quit the game. He cried a baby, fighting with others over this ‘uncalled’ for incident. While half of the night went in making Gautam understand that all of this was a deliberate attempt by Ali, little was known to the inmates that they are set in for another big shocker.

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As the house quietly slept over, the lights went on in the midnight and the husky ‘Bigg Boss’ voice asked everyone to assemble in the garden area. Shocked, amused—all the inmates in their half sleep came out and realised that this is the time for one of them to move out of the house. Tonight’s episode will see a surprise eviction, leaving inmates and viewers wonder with delight!

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