‘Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol’: Sambhavna threatens to leave, Dimpy remains unfazed!

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The ongoing season of reality television show ‘Bigg Boss’ is packed with ‘masala’ and unlimited excitement. With just four days to the grand finale, the inmates are in no mood to control their temper or show any empathy towards each other.

Last night’s episode saw challenger Sambhavna Seth and Dimpy Ganguly get into a verbal spat, which went on and on. The two while performing a task got into an endless argument which got stretched when Dimpy allegedly used a derogatory term in ‘Hindi’ for Sambhavna.

The item girl did not react at that moment, but when Karishma Tanna asked her the meaning of that ‘term’, she became all red with anger and decided to confront Dimpy. Sambhavna kept saying that I want to speak to Bigg Boss, and demanded she be called inside the confession room.

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However, nothing of that sort happened last night. With Sambhavna threatening to leave the house, if Dimpy doesn’t apologise—we wonder whether she will last these last four days before the finale episode or not!

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