Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Karishma Tanna Vs Rahul Mahajan-who will win the war of words?

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Karishma Tanna Vs Rahul Mahajan-who will win the war of words

The ongoing task of call center in Bigg Boss 8 house is turning nastier with every passing day. We already told yu how Karishma Tanna questioned Rahul Mahajan on every aspect of both his personal and private space.

From Rahul wanting to marry Karishma but ended up tying the knot with Dimpy Ganguly, before the two decided to seperate and how Rahul is not matching up t the lineage of his politician father Pramod Mahajan-Karishma Tanna did not mince words. In fact she sharpened her claws before making that nasty call and we saw Rahul Mahajan bleed thanks to the emotional scars the aggressive lady inflicted upon him.

Mahajan was caught with his guards down. He turned scarlet and had no answer to Tanna’s fiery queries. He could not deal with an arrows of fiery question Karishma kept showering upon him.

In the end Rahul Mahajan’s face look long and his countenance suggested that he was at loss for words. The misty-eyed man got a big hug from his wife for he had to face what he did thanks to that call. Karishma in her reply maintained that she feel relieved after having that conversation over the phone. She truly believes that Mahajan deserved what he got for he planted the seeds of such response in the first place.

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Not many in the house appreciated Tanna’s aggressive tone and the content she used to strike that conversation with Rahul. The task has reinstated Karishma as the aggressive and manipulative person. Will Dimpy and Rahul come up with a solid comeback in their capacity as the ex-couple. Only the forthcoming episodes will tell.

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