Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Karishma Tanna gets grilled by Farah Khan for humiliating Dimpy and Rahul!

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Karishma Tanna gets grilled by Farah Khan for humiliating Dimpy and Rahul

Farah Khan is back with a bang! The Saturday episode revolved around Karishma attacking Rahul Mahajan in the luxury budget task. After much discussion, Karishma is called in the witness box. And Farah gets into a heated discussion with Karishma regarding the way she played the luxury budget task. The case which is taken up is Karishma tried to take out her personal grudge on Rahul Mahajan.

Karishma gives her view on why she threw questions on Rahul and damaged Dimpy’s image. Karishma tries to make Farah and other housemates understand that she only said all those things because she wanted to take side for Dimpy. Dimpy however denies saying that she didn’t want to take up these issues. Even Upen Patel says that he too informed her about this.

Karishma keeps on defending herself saying that felt bad when things aggravated. Farah keeps on reminding and also tells her that the way she has been carrying herself before Upen Patel came is different from after he re-entered. While Karishma earlier didn’t mind Rahul’s joke, she suddenly changed her whole behaviour and attitude after Upen Patel entered.

Farah clears that Rahul from his side has never crossed his limits and he has always maintained his limits. Karishma defends that Rahul become nagging with his “I have been after you since past six years,” drama. But Farah says that, this statement doesn’t make him cheap or a flirt. He has only been kidding and fooling around. At least that’s what audience gets to see.

Dimpy also supports Rahul saying that in the four and half years of their marriage, Rahul has been a very good husband and a faithful one. She reveals that after their separation, she only met Rahul on court dates. As he had come with a fresh energy in the house, Dimpy got emotional seeing him in this new avatar and that’s what made her weak.

Farah doesn’t let Karishma to get down the witness box and grills Karishma thoroughly. But she does not get in to the blossoming romance between Upen and Karishma. But housemates do inform that the two were spotted coochie-cooing with each other. This piece of information makes Karishma blush.

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Farah was of the opinion that while for Rahul’s flirtatious actions she gave a smile and later scrutinized it, with Upen’s moves she never objected. In between all these discussion Rahul is saved leaving Sambhavna and Sana still hanging in the danger zone. Who will get evicted? To know more keep reading this space.

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