Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Grand Finale: Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna and Pritam Singh fight for the title

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Grand Finale Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna and Pritam Singh fight for the title

The stage is set for the Bigg Boss 8 season to finally end after over four months of the show. The Bigg Boss 8 grand finale is set to air on 31st January, 2015 and we have been able to gather some inside information about the show’s results. It seems that Ali Quli Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan are definitely not going to be able to win the competition. It seems fair that Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh from the final five have been in the house from the first day of the show and a winner should be from these three.

Karishma Tanna has stayed in the house for the longest amount of time possible in the house because she has never left the house so Karishma Tanna gets an edge there. Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh have also been in the house from Day 1 but Gautam Gulati left the house with Sonali Raut to go shopping or a luxury budget task and Pritam Singh was in the secret society and joined the main house a few days after the show started.

Ali Quli Mirza joined the house on Day 24 while Dimpy Mahajan entered the Bigg Boss 8 house on Day 47. The voting lines for the general public have closed so the fate of the three champions who have been in the house from the start are sealed unless there is another change in play by Bigg Boss which we have seen a lot in Bigg Boss Season 8.

Previous seasons of Bigg Boss had some kind of rules that no matter what happened were followed but as we have seen with Ajaz Khan recently, Sonali Raut and Puneet Issar, Bigg Boss really hasn’t been following any rules and has been keeping people in the house or bringing people back to ruffle up the ratings. Living under the illusion that the voting is what determines the winner of the show, the winner has already been chosen by the people of India.

If we could we would have given you the results but we don’t have the results of the voting so we bring you the popular trends that media reports suggest. Think of it as a good idea about what you can expect in tomorrow’s Bigg Boss 8 grand finale like an election exit poll.

The spoilers that we have are that Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza are going to be evicted in tonight’s show. That leaves Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh and Karishma Tanna to fight it out for the last day in the hopes of keeping calm and not inviting a disqualification by doing something preposterous like getting violent.

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Gautam Gulati seems to be leading with the maximum support according to the latest support trends with Karishma Tanna second and Pritam Singh third. Gautam Gulati fans can rejoice for the moment but only the Bigg Boss 8 grand finale will prove if the results are as predicted.

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