‘Bigg Boss 8’ Halla Bol Day 18: Sambhavna Seth evicted; Gautam’s unreasonable behaviour forces Pritam to snap tie with him!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Halla Bol Day 18: Sambhavna Seth evicted; Gautam’s unreasonable behaviour forces Pritam to snap tie with him

Today’s episode begins from where it ended yesterday. As Sambhavna demands the main door’s gates to be flung open for her to walk out of the house, Gautam lends her his full support in the matter.

However, soon, Gautam enters into an ugly war of words with Ali and Pritam for silly reasons. And the battle gets stretched a bit too far. Pritam tries making Gautam understand a valid point but that does not go down well with him. The argument between the duo snowballs into a dirty battle. Ali too joins in the battle against Gautam and blames him for showing disrespect to him even when the former is elder to him.

As this fight ceases to stop, Sambhavna makes everyone aware that how the scene has shifted from her issue with Dimpy, to Gautam’s argument with Ali and Pritam.
As Ali sees Sambhavna and many others silently supporting Gautam, his temper flares up and he shouts back at them for their worthless stand. At 12.45 am, Pritam is seen talking to Ali about Gautam. Pritam says that Gautam is fair and faithful to none. He goes on to pacify Ali by asking him not to get disturbed by Gautam’s deeds and man up a bit!

On the other hand, Gautam badmouths Pritam by telling his new confidant, Karishma, that Pritam is an aggressive person and does not know how to talk normally. He also shares with KT that he won’t tolerate if Pritam speaks to him in a harsh and dominating manner, the next time.

At 6.30 in the evening, BB announces that since none of the teams were able to perform the task perfectly, the golden briefcase has been withdrawn and no one will get the right to possess it. However, BB gives a twist to this tale by informing all that the briefcase will belong to all i.e. everyone will compete for it individually. But in whose custody the bag will go, will be told later.

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At midnight, the housemates assemble in the garden area as per BB’s orders and they are informed about the mid-week eviction. Six men driving motorbikes enter the house via the main gate and one by one the housemates ride the pillion after sporting the safety gear. In a matter of moments, the biker carrying Sambhavna tears into a thermocol wall and exits out of the house. The original contestants left behind rejoice at their victory and thank their stars for taking them to the finale.

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