Bigg Boss 8 ‘Halla Bol’ Day 109: Gautam and Mahek change team; Dimpy upset with Rahul’s behavior!

Bigg Boss 8 ‘Halla Bol’ Day 109: Gautam and Mahek change team; Dimpy upset with Rahul’s behavior

In spite of the immense amount of time spent together, the housemates are unable to get accustomed to each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. The shifting loyalties of Gautam Gulati have become a cause of concern for the Champions. While Gautam continues to be isolated by the rest of the Champions, he is welcomed with open arms by the Challengers into their crew. And the Champions are not able to handle Gautam switching sides and Karishma comes to talk to Gautam. When the two talk, Dimpy comes in between and again brings up the topic when Gautam took her father’s name.

She sets a huge hue and cry and complains that people is holding her responsible for her broken marriage. Ali becomes a gobarman (by applying face pack and roaming around) and tells if anyone messes with gobarman then he will give them dose of Doberman. Suddenly a fight breaks out between Mahek and Ali as Ali made a personal comment on her acting skills. Mahek breaks down saying she met with a personal accident due to which her acting career came to a standstill. Ali keeps on shouting that he can’t take Sambhavna and Mahek’s allegation that he was acting for which Ajaz got out.

Sambhavna, Rahul and Karishma have fun as they discuss about Karishma and Rahul’s closeness. Karishma says she’s not at all interested in him and blocked him on social networking sites. Ali and Pritam say that it means Rahul is a big ‘chipku’. Within 4 days in the house, the Challengers believe they have figured out the strategy of the Champions. But with the surprising privileges given to the Champions by Bigg Boss at every stage, the Challengers fight hard to stay one step ahead of the Champions in Bigg Boss – Halla Bol.

In the evening, Bigg Boss demands the contestants to suggest the name of the worst performer amongst the Champions. While the Challengers are asked to recommend the name of their best performing team member during the luxury budget task, ‘Yeh Tera Ghar, Yeh Mera Ghar.’But before the housemates could react or comprehend, Bigg Boss warns the housemates that their decision would affect the nominations and captaincy procedures inside the house.

This results in leaving all the housemates puzzled while analyzing their decision and thinking about the repercussions that may follow.
While the Champions believe Gautam has been the defaulter as he was the least active in contributing for the task, the Challengers make a decision of nominating Mahek through games and wagers.

When the Champions and the Challengers reveal the names of the nominated housemates, Bigg Boss shocks them by his decision as he commands them to swap their places in each other’s teams. While Gautam will now be a Challenger in Bigg Boss – Halla Bol, Mahek will enjoy the privileges of the Champions by becoming a part of the Champions team.
Gautam is made to wear a t-shirt that reads, “Main Champion banne k layak nhii hu” (I’m not capable of becoming a Champion).

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Sana and Sambhavna strategize about their game plan. Dimpy thinks Rahul is being a fool. She feels sad that Rahul doesn’t respect her or stand for her and instead makes fun of her. She sounds protective about him as their marriage hasn’t yet ended. To this, Ali too sounds concern that Rahul might her on national television as he can’t take a stand. Will the Champions readily accept Mahek as a part of their team? And will Gautam enjoy his stint as a Challenger? Keep reading this space for more gossips and updates.

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