Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: 5 epic moments from Gautam Gulati-Karishma Tanna’s final showdown!

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: 5 epic moments from Gautam Gulati-Karishma Tanna’s final showdown

Ever since September 21, 2014, when the clock strikes 2100, it has only meant one thing for millions of viewers across the nation – Bigg Boss 8. Today, 132 days later, the most popular show of the country has finally bid adieu, after giving us some fantastic moments to cherish over four and half months.

The stage set for a scintillating grand finale, where Gautam Gulati raced ahead from the rest to be crowned as Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol winner. While there were many amazing moments in the grand finale from finalists’ image make over to Malaika’s performance, but there were some truly epic moments from tonight’s show that will last in our minds for days to come. I bring you five such epic moments from Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol’s final leg:

Sonakshi Sinha’s tough task master act to evict Dimpy

Sonakshi Sinha entered the Bigg Boss house with a dhamaakedaar dance performance. Plus she played a host of a rather hilarious award ceremony. One of the funniest award has to be cry baby award to Dimpy Ganguly. That’s not all. The Tevar actress also got some gifts for them. Sona then left the house along with one evicted contestant, who was Dimpy. Yes, Dimpy’s Bigg Boss 8 journey has come to an end. Didn’t she have an entertaining stint?

Ajaz Khan gets Ali Quli Mirza out of the house on his shoulders

So after Sonakshi, it was Ajaz Khan, who set foot inside the chaotic house. Ajaz’s objective was to get one out of the four remaining contestants out. And guess what? Ajaz got Ali out and that too on his shoulders. Yes, can’t believe no? But thankfully this time they didn’t tear each other apart. But ‘ek number’ Ajaz added drama to it when he almost walked out of the door with Pritam. Too bad for Ali, who for a moment had heaved a sigh of relief. But he didn’t know his stint in the show has finally come to an end.

Rohit Shetty gets Karishma, Pritam and Gautam to perform dangerous stunt

Rohit Shetty got inside the house to surprise the top three finalists, who must have not imagined what was about to happen! They all entered the activity area, and were amuzed to find Hussain, Sana Khan and Ashish Chaudhary. Well, these three are the contestants in the upcoming season of- Khatron ke Khiladi. But, the stunts that Rohit brought along were to be performed by the inmates and not the former three.

The trio went pale on just the mention of that. The trio of Gautam-Karishma-Pritam were asked to ride a cycle through a glass slab. And as lots of glass shattered, out three finalist where safe, completing the dangerous task in some style.

Rajat Sharma grills the contestants

This was the most intense session so far during the grand finale. Pritam, Karishma and Gautam were called on stage just few moments before the winner was to be announced. A bank of questions was ready for all the three housemates. And grilling them was none other than Rajat Sharma. Trust me, the contestants really had a tough time inside that katghara. While Gautam was accused to be playing an underdog deliberately, Karishma was accused of double standards with her relationships.

Pritam takes Rs 25 lakh

It was time to take a decision on that golden briefcase containing Rs 25 lakh. Farah gave all the three contestants an option of taking the money and leaving the game. And guess what? Pritam took the moolah. Pritam’s wife Amanjot Singh was angry with his decision and made a very valid point that Pritam had betrayed his fans and their support by choosing the bag of money. All you Pritam fans votes have gone down the drain.

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Finally after all these epic moments from the show, we finally come to the most important one, where Gautam was declared victorious and poor Ms Tanna had to return disappointed. So Gautam Gulati is this highly entertaining season’s winner. As I bid goodbye to Bigg Boss Halla Bol, I can’t wait for next season to start. Until then, we all will miss the high octane drama of the chaotic house.

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