Bigg Boss : 8 Gutthi Suljhi ya Uljhi

Bigg Boss : 8 Gutthi Suljhi ya Uljhi

It surely is pleasant to see reconciliation and that too after so much of ladaai and jhagda almost making my ears go numb! For me it was certainly a kickass morning when while sipping chaai I noticed Diandra and Sonali clarifying all the misunderstanding between them and sharing a straightforward dialogue. Waah waah! Who said two women can’t kiss and make up?

But wait, what’s this I’m hearing? Diandra apologized to Sonali for the catfight they had earlier which actually hurt Sonali. But later I could again find both of them not being too convinced about the talk they had just a few moments ago…. Arre! not again!

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Huh! not too sure if any type of reunion would survive for long for anyone in the house, certainly rocking the ship in the sea *dubukk dubukk*. But for a while it was nice to see two ladies bond and forget the game. Nothing can ever be predicted in the house of Bigg Boss but I’m not going to fret over this and get wrinkles on my face!

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