Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale: 5 reasons why Gautam Gulati could be crowned as the winner!

Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale 5 reasons why Gautam Gulati could be crowned as the winner!

The countdown has begun and the wait is almost over! Just a day to go for the Bigg Boss 8 Grand finale and there is so much excitement and curiosity amongst fans! Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale, happening on January 31, is one of the most anticipated events of the year on television. After surviving in the madhouse for four long months, Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh along with wild card entrants Ali Quli Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan have finally entered the finale week battling politics and groupism in the house.

While speculations are being made that either Karishma Tanna or Gautam Gulati will be crowned as the winner of the show, we bring to you five reasons why Gautam Gulati will win this season of Bigg Boss.

1) Attention seeking tactics:

Ever since the eighth season of Bigg Boss started, TV actor Gautam Gulati‘s attention-seeking tactics have been the talk of the town. Be it for holding hands with Diandra Soares during the start of the show or for sharing the same bed with Sonali Raut, the actor has been hogging all the limelight right from the start. Gulati’s draamebaazi and psycho behaviour have definitely added the much needed masala to the show giving a boost to the TRPs. And so, there is a huge probability for Gautam Gulati to win Bigg Boss 8.

2) Popularity quotient:

Gautam Gulati, who rose to fame soon after Diya Aur Baati Hum, became all the more popular after he entered the Bigg Boss house. His presence on the show has paved the way for a lot of controversies right from the start. Bigg Boss 8 might have been a thanda season otherwise, but it definitely got Gulati marketed in every which way. Even though Tanna, Dimpy and the others became famous while being on the show, it was Gulati who has been grabbing headlines everywhere. Well, thanks to BB8, Gulati is now a household name!

3) Lady killer image:

With the chiseled physique combined with the chocolate-boy-look, Gautam Gulati has been making girls go week in the knees. Whether he wins Bigg Boss 8 or not, he is definitely destined to be a mainstream Bollywood actor. It goes without saying that he is a complete package and once the high voltage show ends, Gulati will soon be seen on the big screen!

4) The camera loves him:

The camera loves him and vice versa, of course! The Diya Aur Baati Hum actor sure knows to grab eyeballs. The previous four months have been the proof of that!

5) Keep Calm and Be Gautam:

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This has really been his mantra throughout the season. In the Bigg Boss 8 madhouse full of chaos, drama, tears, controversies and bitching, Gulati has managed to survive it all. He maintained his calm with much patience and has indeed been appreciated by the viewers.

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