Bigg Boss 8: Girls choose their favourite boys to party. Rest remained locked inside!

Bigg Boss 8: Girls choose their favourite boys to party. Rest remained locked inside

Housemates have been requesting Bigg Boss at least to play some good music to which they could dance and welcome the ‘New Year if prty was not possible. they have been desperate to party but as the day got darker they lost all the hopes of anything happening in the house.

But, just when we stop thinking, Bigg Boss starts his suprirses. Later in the night, Bigg Boss announced that there would be a party in the house. The twist was, all the girls had to choose one guy in the house , who would become their partner that night for the party. And the ones who were left, would be locked inside the house and wont be able to participate in any party activities.

So who were the three lucky boys? Dimpy chose Ajaz, Karishma chose Upen!(who else!) whereas Sonali said though she wanted to be with all of them, but went ahead and choose Gautam. Hence these were the three couples who partied during along with some good food and drinks! Whereas Ali, Pritam and Puneet stayed inside.

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But you think Ali could have rested in peace like that?? *Ehehehe* he actually stole some food after the party got over! (Which was not allowed) Ali ka kuch nahi ho sakta doston!

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