Bigg Boss 8: Gautam picks up fights with his own team

Gautam snaps at Sushant during the Supervillains Vs superheroes task

When a task is assigned to the contestants in the Bigg Boss house, the one thing they need to do is work in tandem with their team. However, despite of being in the Supervillains team during this week’s luxury budget task, Gautam went ahead and picked fights with two of his team members – Sushant and Praneet.

During lunch, Gautam mentioned to his fellow contestants that he would like to harass the Superheroes team. However, Sushant stops him by saying that he had already created a lot of damage and there is no need to do anything else.

Then Gautam loses his cool with Praneet and changes his team

Overreacting as usual, Gautam asks Sushant to back-off and while using abusive language, says that he does not care what others might think of him. Gautam also yelled at Sushant and asked him to stay away. Sushant gets upset upon hearing this and decides to switch teams.

As life gets back to normal, Gautam joins the Superheroes team but quickly shifts back to the Supervillains team. Praneet points out if it were not for Gautam, they would have more team members supporting them.

Hearing this, Gautam reacts to Praneet’s statement and says that he’s not the only one to make the shift so he must not be singled out. Taking this topic to another level, Gautam, angrily, removes his Black T-shirt and throws it away saying that, he is no longer a part of any team and will remain neutral.

Praneet then asks Gautam to stop overreacting and acting unnecessarily. Gautam retaliates saying that if he wants to act, he will so whenever he feels like it and nobody can stop him.

To end the argument completely, Praneet tells Gautam that they should play the game properly while the task is still on and he won’t say anything to Gautam but after the task, they will go their own way and never interact with each other.

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Now the big question is: Will Gautam mend his ways? Will Praneet and Sushant ever talk to him again?

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