Bigg Boss: 8 Gautam Nominated Himself

Bigg Boss: 8 Gautam Nominated Himself_1

Gautam was seen running in to the confession room first to nominate himself.

Gautam's Opponent

When it was said that it is going to be one contestant whom everyone picks who will go against Gautam, everyone including Diandra backed off to nominate Upen.


With Bigg Boss announced that it is going to be Upen Vs Gautam in a contest and two others have to support them, Puneet backed off saying he cannot do it. But Gautam picked Puneet and Preetam anyways.

Then started the politics. When Preetam first was made to think if he really really wants Gautam to become the captain.

Puneet was seen declaring that he will not hurt Upen, in other words he will not go against Upen for Gautam.

More Politics
Praneet Bhatt too opined that he does not want Gautam to become the captain of the house.

Gautam At Task
When the task started Gautam’s weirdness made him tease Arya and Ali.

They Ripped Him Apart
Ali and Arya did not wait a second to rip Gautam away from the poll.

Drag Him Away
Ali and Arya managed to drag Gautam away from the poll to the finishing line.

Puneet And Preetam

Puneet and Preetam were seen badly pretending to try their hand with Upen.
Puneet Betrayed Gautam
It was most shocking to see Puneet betray Gautam when they are seen most attached to each other.

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Gautam Betrayed
Gautam knew he was betrayed by Puneet.

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