Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati or Puneet Issar? Who is the attention seeker of the house?

Gautam Gulati or Puneet Issar

Season 8 of Bigg Boss seem to have got two attention seekers inside the house. On one hand we have Guatm Gulati who behaves erratically annoying almost everyone in the house and on the other hand there is Puneet Issar who wants everyone to listen to him.
On Tuesday’s episode, Bigg Boss got all the contestants to the living room to announce the luxury task for the week, ‘Superheroes vs. Supervillains’. Karishma and Pritam were appointed as the two team leaders but not assigned any team! The two team leads were asked to sway the loyalties of the contestants and urge them to join their teams. Soon, the contestants were seen sporting either a red t-shirt supporting the Superheroes or a black t-shirt supporting the Supervillains. However, since the house tasks were strenuous, most of the contestants were seen donning the black t-shirts in an attempt to avoid doing any housework.
The task took an interesting turn when Villains started harassing all the Heroes in the house, from loitering around the house to throwing unwanted tantrums, the villains did it all. Insanity creeped up around the house as all the contestants employed different tactics to convert more people to join their team. Gautam especially got into the skin of his character and abused Sushant, argued with Pranit and created havoc.

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Puneet Issar on the other hand, swayed by emotions, changed sides and went into Karishma’s team only to act as a spy for the Supervillains. He was later seen discussing how Aryan apologized to Minissha on his behest and how Aryan became a good person thanks to him.
Puneet later did change sides again and when Karishma asked for her team’s t-shirt, he refused to give it.
The task took over the entire day as contestants changed loyalties and employed different measures to make life either comfortable or gravely uncomfortable for the opposite team.

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