Bigg Boss 8: Gautam gets caged and blamed: RECAP, DAY 40

Morning began with Gautam taking on responsibilities of cleaning the garden. He asked Praneet to do half the side and he will do rest but Praneet argued that his division is not fair. Upen tried to intervene in the matter Praneet snapped at all.

Later again when Gautam and Praneet were to pick up all the garbage they had a heated conversation and Praneet snapped at him and gave up the job.

It was Judgement Day in the Bigg Boss House and on the basis of the task captain Upen was asked to nominate one housemate who did well and deserves a reward and one who performed badly and deserves punishment. Upen chose Sushant for reward and Gautam for punishment.

As punishment Gautam was asked to sit in a cage and wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone except one housemate that he chooses. Gautam chose Puneet to be his ‘sahayak’ and expressed his displeasure to him about it. More so Gautam felt bad that Puneet was not chosen for the reward as he did well in the task.

As reward Sushant got to choose one housemate as personal sevak who would do all his household and personal chores. Sushant chose Ali to be the sevak and made him do various duties while others had a good laugh over it.

Gautam asked Puneet to be his personal messenger and pass on a message to Sonali. He wished to see her smile and happy and even sent some flowers for her but Sonali rejected it all and wasn’t interested in hearing Gautam’s message via Puneet.

Bigg Boss sent a task called ‘Bigg Boss ki Adaalat’ wherein housemates questioned each other on the reasons for they were blamed in the House. Gautam was the first to defend himself and Upen questioned about the taunting incident that happened during the task. While explaining everything Praneet and Gautam ended up into an argument.

Next in the box was Praneet and Gautam blamed him to be a ‘double dholki’. Praneet justified by saying that the real meaning of the two words is a person who tries to create fights between two people and he in fact does the opposite. And be it any situation he will interfere and try to handle because they all are living in the same house. Gautam also said he interferes in his personal matters with Sonali but Praneet refuted the topic saying that Gautam needs to learn some respect and think before talking.

Aarya was called the ‘dog’ of the house and that he doesn’t have his own take on things. Aarya agreed that he was a bit lost in the beginning three weeks but has now decided to stay happy in the house and whoever has called him a ‘dog’ is one hm/herself. Gautam later revealed that he’s the one who had made the accusations.

RECAP, DAY 40_10
Puneet was blamed to be very manipulative and he justified himself by saying that it’s not manipulation but his habit of speaking the truth in all matters. And he will always continue to do so even if people think he’s being manipulative.

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RECAP, DAY 40_11
Sonali asked Gautam to not take her name in matters and she has nothing to do with him anymore. She even stated to not share a friendship anymore with Gautam. He accepted her choices and agreed to never get her into a situation again.

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