‘Bigg Boss 8’: Gautam, Diandra’s romance reignites!

'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam, Diandra's romance reignites

The onset of ‘Bigg Boss’ season 8 filled the air with love. Budding romance was seen inside the house, right from day one. From fights to lovey dovey talks–the ongoing season has witnessed it all.

Controversial inmate Gautam Gulati is currently in news for getting ‘too close’ with fellow inmate Diandra Soares.

Last night’s episode showed the duo holding hands, sharing glances and then Diandra shying away from him.

To the viewer’s surprise the broken relationship between the two came on track lately when Gautam confessed he still likes Diandra while performing the ‘Gautam City’ task.

The last night’s sneak peak, both Diandra and Gautam are seen locking themselves up in the bathroom. Well, what exactly was the private conversation, will come out only tonight, once the episode gets telecast.

All this seems interesting right now, because soon after moving into the house from the dummy airplane, things started to turn sour between Diandra and Gautam.

The bond seemingly faded away and Diandra despised Gauti, especially after the incident between Karishma Tanna and Gautam. Di even called him psychotic.

Incidentally, the Bigg Boss house has witnessed many relationships before as well, so how could this season go all dry and matt.

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Finally after the spiteful distance, Gautam and Diandra have electrified their togetherness. Let us see how far the flames go.

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