Bigg Boss 8: Gautam and Pritam fight over Sonali

Bigg Boss 8: Gautam and Pritam fight over Sonali

So far, the on and off relationship between Bigg Boss 8 contestants Sonali and Gautam has been well enjoyed by the audience. And seems like, this confused relationship between them is very much being enjoyed by the other contestants of the house.

A source reveals, “Pritam teases Sonali in the kitchen stating that she washes the utensils properly but does not wash her clothes. He also said that this fact about her is revealed by none other than Gautam himself. After hearing such remarks about her, Sonali shouts at Gautam.

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Gautam being unaware with Pritam’s joke gets very sad. Unknowingly, all three of them are upset with each other. Finally, Pritam resigns stating that Gautam has no need to get personal as it was a joke and leaves the area. Also, Sonali goes and tells everyone that Gautam argues with her unnecessarily.”

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