Bigg Boss 8: Five times I wanted to slap a contestant

Bigg Boss 8: Five times I wanted to slap a contestant

I was just taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about how Bigg Boss season 8 began and how the contestants huffed and puffed in anger every time they didn’t get what they demanded. I remember how everyone created groups, bitched about people and who snitched on whom.

Frankly, I hope they are able to live with themselves once they see the screening of their stay inside the house. Getting back to the topic at hand, there have been several situations when all I’ve wanted to do is slap the contestants for their immaturity, selfishness, vanity, greed and, more often than not, their stupidity.

Here is a list of five situations when I really wanted to leave my hand-print on their pretty faces…

#When Karishma Tanna says ‘National television’ in every statement: When the season started, Karishma would often use the ‘I am a woman’ card, whether the situation called for it or not. By mistake if someone grazed past her in a task she’d scream saying how no one is allowed to touch her because it would become a case of sexual assault. Every time someone verbally abused Tanna or even spoke rudely to her, the actor would immediately scream that she was insulted on ‘National Television’. Well every time she used the phrase, I personally wished to get up and slap her. Arrrghhh!

#Whenever Ali Quli Mirza challenges someone to hit him: Ali often got on people’s nerves (can’t say we blame them) and every time he instigated people, they would rush to beat the crap out of him. Trust me when I say this, the feeling has been mutual. I, as a viewer, have also felt like taking him up on his challenge.

If you’ve seen the episodes clearly, Ali will instigate people and then challenge them to hit him by pushing his face into people’s personal space. Obviously, he knows no one will get violent with him on a public platform and he used this knowledge to his benefit everytime. Ajaz Khan was the only soul who fell for the trick- poor guy!

#When Dimpy Ganguly fakes her love and affection for Rahul Mahajan: The first time when Rahul walked into the show as a guest, it was weird to see Dimpy all emotional and weepy. Well she justified it by saying it was nostalgia, but I’m sure that was not true.

The couple is getting a divorce, so then what’s the idea behind all the love and mushy behaviour. During Rahul’s fight with Karishma, Dimpy runs out and tells her ex-husband that he has been a great partner and she never had any complaints. Well when I heard that I felt like slapping Dimpy. Who are they trying to fool with their fake affection and concern? Get real people!

#When Karishma chose make up over Sushant Divgikar: When Minissha Lamba was eliminated from BB8 she gave Sushant the punishment of being everyone’s slave. However, Gautam and Karishma were given the opportunity to save him from this, but Karishma chose her make up instead. To everyone’s surprise Gautam demanded Sushant’s freedom; this incident shocked me and the contestants as well. I am not sure if Sushant wanted to express his anger, I definitely did. How selfish of Ms Tanna!

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#When Bigg Boss extended the show for a month: In December 2014, we rejoiced at the idea that the show would finally come to an end and my dilemma would be over. But Bigg Boss announced an extension of the show for a month. Watching out of work actors go crazy and abuse on prime time is not what I’d call entertainment. So yes I want to slap whoever decided to stretch the show for that long.

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