Bigg Boss 8 episode 26 recap: Captain Ali Quli Mirza fights with Diandra Soares

Bigg Boss 8 episode 26 recap: Captain Ali Quli Mirza fights with Diandra Soares

Ever since he has entered the controversial glass-walled house of Bigg Boss season 8, the newly-crowned captain Ali Quli Mirza has only seemed like an endless trouble-maker. Ok, he is a captain and he has to lead the bunch of housemates by getting certain tasks get done from them, but the self-styled-leader has started dictating the terms in the loudest possible way. He has already nominated Sushant Divigikar for the forthcoming elimination and now sparks are flying between him and the inmates of the house, thanks to Mirza’s elephantine ego problem.

The day started with Ali’s obsessive compulsive disorder for cleanliness. The Dubai based singer continues to be his bossy self. He tends to shuffle duties as per his whims and fancies. No need to mention that he is getting on the nerves of the other fellows. Later in the day Bigg Boss himself announces the ‘Judgment Day’ task. This task demands Ali to grant one wish put forth by the housemates. And along with that, Bigg Boss also gave Ali the power to punish one contestant of Ali’s choice. Ali grants Upen Patel’s wish for a protein shake while he punishes Karishma Tanna for her laid-back attitude. Clearly, Ali is not getting well with the ladies in the house as they are not exactly following his orders at the drop of his hat.

The evening saw a verbal war of sorts between the captain of the house and Minissha Lamba. The petite babe refused to clean the pool as ordered by Ali. Lamba maintained that the pool looked neat and there was no need to touch it again. This certainly wasn’t the only fight that broke out in the house today. Another explosion happened when Ali and Diandra chose to exchange a heated volley of words over a non-nonsensical issue. Diandra simply turned the tables on Ali and made him the butt of few jokes by refusing to listening to him.

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One thing is clearly visible now. The new entrant’s presence has certainly lead to some upheavals in the house. And our inmates are not liking this singer-turned-captain of the Bigg Boss’s house. Has Ali come to the show with a definite plan in his head. Is he as mean and as authoritative as he is made to be in the reality show?

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