Bigg Boss 8 episode 25 review: Captain Ali Quali Mirza bosses around; nominates Sushant Divigikar for elimination

Bigg Boss 8 episode 25 review Captain Ali Quali Mirza bosses around; nominates Sushant Divigikar for elimination

Dubai based singer Ali Quali Mirza makes a dashing entry into the glass-walled house right at the dead of the nigh to surprise the housemates. And the very next day the cool dude starts dictating terms. He starts assigning duties to the housemates. Sushant discusses a major problem he faces in the house- some people relieve themselves, but forget to do the needful-flush the toilet, that is ! Poor Sushant has to witness…err err what other housemates…ahem ahem leave behind.

Earlier in the day, what we witnessed made us rub our collective eyes with utter disbelief. Gautam Gulati and Karishm Tanaa, jump out of their bed and start hugging each other. Miss Tanna also claims in the same ‘let’s-hug-each-other’ session that she is a completely different individual when she performs a task and behaves normally otherwise. We hope this newly-minted friendship between the two arch-rivals stay.

Back to our new captain now. Bigg Boss gives a special right to the captain of the house. The special right allows Ali to nominate a contestant of his choice. Ali feels that Sushant is not doing his best and is not playing the game the way it should be played. ” He (Sushant) is not giving his hundred percent. Instead of focusing on the game and making an effort to entertain people, Sushant is more interested in styling his hair and doing his make-up. He simply lounges around on the Sofa. He is not even interested in talking to me when I am trying to interact with him, and get him engaged so that he can entertain people,” maintains Ali. Ali then announces Mr Gay India Sushant’s name in front of all inmates. No need to add that Sushant gets nominated for the forthcoming week’s elimination, straight away.

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Now tell us Indians- Is Sushant worthy of getting eliminated, as yet? Or do you think Ali is simply bossing around and taking an undue advantage of his captaincy?

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