Bigg Boss 8 Episode 21 Exclusive update: Housemates go for role reversal!

Bigg Boss 8 Episode 21 Exclusive update: Housemates go for role reversal!

Bigg Boss announced a fun filled task for the housemates where Aarya was required to enact as a film-maker, directing a short film within a span of 2 hours involving all the other housemates in the cast. Interestingly that was not the only twist. All the members of the house were asked to mimick each other as instructed by Bigg Boss.

Pritam was seen playing Diandra, Minisha portrayed Karishma, Punit fashioned Sushant, Karishma was seen acting as Punit, Praneet was seen mimicking Gautam, Sonali portrayed Natasha, Gautam played Sonali, and Upen was asked to enact Soni. Aarya portrayed Minisha whereas Diandra was seen as Aarya. Soni on the other hand donned Praneet’s persona. Deepshikha acted as Pritam, Natasha played Upen and Sushant was seen as Deepshikha.

While getting ready for the same, Punit went all out and literally shaved off his legs to play Sushant. Gautam actually borrowed Sonali’s clothes and leather pants. Pritam too wore Diandra’s pink wig as she helped him with makeup. Diandra drew a beard and moustache to play Aarya and also helped Praneet draw fake abs with a kohl pencil on him, to play Gautam; Praneet helped Soni dress up like him by giving her his shawl and turban.

As per the plot given to Aarya, the storyline required every house-mate in his or her character to come forward and speak about why he or she should stay in the house till the end, inorder for Bigg Boss to select two people from the lot who will stay in the house till the end.

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While speaking, Karishma made fun of Punit saying that as he is the oldest in the house he has to stay till the end; while Punit went on to entertain like Sushant wearing a fur cape and a pink gown. Soni took a dig at Praneet by bringing up the incident when he was waiting for his luggage to come. Gautam portrayed Sonali as a street smart “Mumbai ki ladki”. Minisha mocked Karishma by being very loud and bossy as she is.
The task was full of, fun, action and lots of entertainment.​

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