Bigg Boss 8 elimination: Salman Khan attacks Karishma Tanna, and rightly so!

Bigg Boss 8 elimination: Salman Khan attacks Karishma Tanna, and rightly so!

While the whole wide world seems to think that Gautam Gulati is turning out to be the ultimate bad boy of Bigg Boss season 8, Salman Khan thinks otherwise. Yes, bhai could actually see a rather dirty game being played in the glass-wallled house where Gautam’s volatile temper-and the ugly episode occurred between him and Karishma Tanna- is being exploited repeatedly by some individuals, particularly Karishma Tanna herself.

In fact, it was also observed by the viewers that Miss Tanna was milking the sorry incident to her advantage. And Salman Khan, being his outspoken self, stated the facts as they are, without mincing his words. Bhai even went on to call a spade a spade with his stern words to shocking effects for some. He also made sure that the message reaches the right people who were cornering Gautam constantly to isolate him. While the mighty Khan gave his verdict and posed some really stinging questions to Deepshikha, Diandra Soares, Arya Babbar and Karishma Tanna, Gautam was spotted making innocent faces. The TV actor also managed to shed a few tears to dramatise the episode even more.

Salman also pointed out in no uncertain terms that Karishma was literally rubbing chilly powder into the faces of the fellow contestants-both men and women, alike-but during her turn, while performing the same task, she was acting like a ‘heroine’, not willing to touch anybody. Bigg Boss followers have watched Miss Tanna’s tantrums as her rigid personality played out in full public view. It was also objectionable that the famme fatal refused to do a task or demanded that Mr Gulati should be shown the door.

Mis Tanna kept defending herself by maintaining that it was just not acceptable to abuse a lady on national television. ( Gautam had apparently called Karishma- A fu%#ing bi#@h when the latter tried to rub chilly powder into Gautam’s face quite forcefully, in spite of being told categorically that her act was hurting him) It would be wrong to assume that Salman took Gautam’s side since he rebuked Gautam too for his noisy nature and unpredictable behaviour.

Sallu miyaan also appreciated the stand taken by Praneet Bhatt and RJ Pritam Pyare who could see the fact that one individual was being constantly cornered just because he uttered a gali ( and even apologised for the same)

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Now tell us Bigg Boss followers-do you think that Salman could read the situation correctly as well as he could sniff out the dirty politics being played over the sorry occurrence that happened in the house? Do you think Karishma Tanna used Gautam’s volatile temper to advance her stay in the house by acting as a victim of Gautam’s rant?

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